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If you aren’t sure if you’ve read all the spring updates, be aware that the recap contains spoilers (probably not heartbreaking, but still…). The Table of Contents is a good place to check if you caught all the spring updates.

At the end of Round 1, $65 more, paid to the treasury, is all that stands between Ayre and building the Midsummer Faire, a Foundling Home, and moving up to Hamlet. We also get to add a Yeoman family and a Merchant family after building those lots! I hope that after the first family of the summer round, the Berry’s, pay their taxes, tithes, and rent, we’ll move to Hamlet!

But, first, at $8000, we were allowed to build a weekly market, so I will build and add that before starting the summer round with the Berry family. Residents will have the choice to sell their goods to the merchant to be sold at market, rather than operating their own gateway business, if they want. The market build will probably be next week’s update, rather than a play session.

I think the Berry’s and Gothard’s might no longer operate a business, but the Wise’s will definitely continue to sell their own herbs, at least for now, since Gertrude was such a natural businesswoman. The Foresters’ wood business ended up having the most liquidity this round, but I don’t know if they’ll continue to be so successful.

Highlights of the Spring round included an extended, autonomous, heated romance between Daralis Gothard and James Fitz. She is a widowed peasant and he is stationed at the barracks. By MCC rules, he can take her station if they marry. Given her alliance with Lady Jane Chevalier, the Squire, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were granted the privilege to marry in the next round or so.

Daralis agrees to talk often with Lady Jane about anything she overhears while working as the Steward’s scullery maid.

Spring also brought a liaison between Ella Wise and Rhett Forester, an extramarital affair which cost both of them in moral alignment as well as clerical and royal favor. She is also a witch, which means that if she incurs royal wrath, she and her family could incur financial costs or prison.

Ella Wise seemed to be taunting Eva Forester by kissing her husband on their doorstep.

Ella’s sister-in-law, Mildred Wise, who is the village midwife and also a widow, fell in love with Seth Bailey, the cold-hearted prison bailiff who is stationed at the tower overlooking Ayre. It is truly a case of opposites attracting each other but will probably remain an affair rather than resulting in marriage.

The Tower is where those who transgress against the crown can be sent to pay their debts

Cadby Fitz and Marigold Wise were seen autonomously flirting at the well many times throughout the spring. This would be an appropriate match, since Cadby is stationed at the barracks and can take on the class of anyone he marries. Marigold is a peasant and an unmarried maid, and she does have a dowry. Her mother, Eva, needs to build a relationship with Cadby or the captain of the guard to arrange the marriage. Marigold is a pleasure sim and Cadby is an easy-going family sim. I expect these two would be happy enough together, as long as they can manage to muster enough ambition and hard work to make ends meet and provide a living for their family.

There is a “love square” between immensely attractive Yeoman pleasure sim, Giles Porter, and three of the peasant teens, Hadley Gothard, Lora Forester, and Gertrude Wise, but he would have to marry below his station to marry any of them. Gertude would probably be the most strategic match (He is Pleasure and she is Fortune, with 1 bolt), but he has the highest attraction with Lora Forester (she is Romance, with 3 bolts). During Summer, I expect parents to begin to purposefully build friendships with prospective in-laws, to begin the process of arranging marriages. Gertrude, Lora, and Marigold have dowries set aside.

Ralf Forester is in the best position to marry (besides Giles), but he is a family sim and he spent much of the spring feeling forlorn for lack of love. He will inherit his father’s woodcutting occupation, as well as the homestead, but currently doesn’t have any good prospects for marriage. His station would allow him to marry Gertrude or Marigold Wise, or Hadley Gothard. He doesn’t have notable attraction with any of them so far and his parents don’t have any solid relationships with other parents.

The only baby due in the summer at this time, is Anais and Rourke Honeycutt’s second child. During the spring, the only addition to Ayre’s population was the adoption of the Steward’s foundling nephew, Edwuard Stirwuard, by Lady Jane and Lady Rosalind, to seal their oath of fealty to the Steward.

Edwuard Stirwuard is a CAS created sim adopted as the heir to the Chevalier lands and title of Squire.
The Squire of Ayre, Lady Jane, took an oath of fealty to Alban Stirwuard, the King’s representative, for protection and to be allowed to continue to oversee her father’s lands, with her Lady Rosalind at her side as wife. Since she is a woman she normally would not be allowed to inherit, but with the recent decimation of the land by plague and war, Lord Stirwuard also needs Lady Jane, due to the people’s loyalty to her family.

After the first household during Summer, we should be able to add a Yeoman family and a Merchant family, and hopefully, that will add a few marriageable sims to Ayre. I will roll for those families after building the market, faire, and foundling home. The Yeoman family will most likely be a blacksmith, and the Merchant Family will run the market.

There’s quite a bit of building needing to be done, and I’d like to also renovate the barracks. I like the inside, but detest the outside which is too big and blocky, every time I see them from another lot. As I said earlier, I need to add the weekly market, faire, foundling home, as well as the homes and businesses for new families. At some point, I also need to build the castle (right now the Steward is living in a borrowed castle behind the deco castle walls.) So after playing the Berry’s, there will be a lull in play session updates, more building updates, and eventually, the introduction of the two new families.

The blasted barracks ruin an otherwise idyllic screenshot

Next week’s update will probably be the weekly market lot “tour.” I don’t think I will be able to build it and play the Berry’s, or get the update written in time. Thanks for reading & I hope you all are as excited about Summer, and becoming a hamlet, as I am!

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  1. So exciting that you’re so close to adding those fun things! A faire, plus more families!

    Question: in the last update, you mentioned something about Rhett being burned along with Ella if they were discovered? Is that a possibility for sims in Ayre – being burned at the stake?

    Such an action packed season! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next.


    1. Hi Carla! I built the fair last night and I am so excited about it! It adds a lot of fun activities like fencing, log rolling, street performers, karaoke and more shopping. Also I moved in the merchant family and fell in love with them. Since their main update is last to allow them to buy up everyone’s wares I just got them settled in and had them buy the market.

      That worry of Ralf’s about Rhett being burned was my way of working in Ralf’s fear that his dad would become a witch. I think actually burning at the stake is more for heretics than adulterers. But I actually have no intention of staging that. It is too horrific. A witch in Ayre could be fined or jailed or exiled into the woods.


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