Royal Steward (not randomly rolled)

Alban Stirwuard, Fortune, Scorpio

Eithne Stirwuard, Family

Peasant Family #1, Foragers:  The Berrys  

Zelda; Female Elder, Fortune, Scorpio

Deirdre; Female Elder, Pleasure, Leo  – died Year One, Summer

*Hilda; Female Elder, Knowledge, Taurus (Healer)

Alfred; Male Child, Knowledge, Scorpio

Esmerelda; Female Child, Popularity, Virgo

Cassie; Female Child, Fortune, Taurus

Harold; Male Child, Popularity, Libra

Mari; Nonbinary Child, Knowledge, Virgo

Peasant Family #2, Goat herders:  The Gothards

Gabe; Male Elder, Fortune, Scorpio

Daralis; Female Adult, Knowledge, Virgo

Hadley; Female Teen, Fortune, Cancer

Bonnie; Female Toddler, Sagitarius

Peasant Family #3, Hay Farmers:  The Wise Family

*Mildred; Female Elder, Popularity, Pisces (midwife)

Millicent; Female Elder, Pleasure, Cancer (Almhouse Gardener)

Ella; Female Adult, Romance, Cancer

Gertrude; Female Teen, Fortune, Leo

Marigold; Female Teen, Pleasure, Virgo

Haylan; Male Child, Popularity, Virgo

Bentley; Male Child, Popularity, Cancer

Peasant Family #4, the Woodcutters: The Foresters

Rhett; Male Adult, Romance, Aries

Eva; Female, Adult, Fortune, Aquarius

Ralf; Male Teen, Family, Taurus

Lora; Female, Teen, Romance, Libra

Gervase; Male Child, Pleasure, Capricorn

Idonae; Female Toddler, Knowledge, Scorpio

Yeoman Family #1,  Tavern Owner: Porter

Giles; Male Teen, Pleasure, Cancer

Yeoman Family #2, Beekeepers:  The Honeycutts

Rourke; Male Adult, Fortune, Cancer

Anais; Female Adult, Fortune, Virgo

Female Child, Knowledge, Cancer

Gentry Family #1, The Chevaliers (Knight)

Lady Elizabeth; Female Elder, Popularity, Pisces (Administrates Almshouse)

Lady Joslyn; Female Elder, Knowledge, Libra

Lady Jane; Female Adult, Knowledge, Capricorn SQUIRE

Lady Rosalind; female Adult, Pleasure, Virgo

Extra Optional Households

Barracks (1 male Captain & 7 marriageable males)

Henri – a well studied man, The Captain of the Guard, appointed by the Squire, Lady Jane Chevalier

Brice – a soldier of fortune

Oakes – loves the peacetime life of soldier with its camaraderie, and helping others

Rob – a ladies’ man who finds bearing arms a decent way to make a living

Alistair – a very quiet and introspective soldier

Cadby – although he fought in the recent war, he would also like to start a family and settle down for a more peaceful life of fishing or basket weaving.

James – a widower considering remarriage and settling down to a simple life

Merchant Family #1, The Stroganovs

Leonid Stroganov, Fortune, Cancer

Natalia Stroganov, Family, Leo

Tatiana Stroganov, Family, Scorpio

Yeoman Family #3, The McGobhans

Brodie McGobhan, Knowledge, Virgo

Fiona McGobhan, Romance, Aquarius

Gentry Family #2, The du Bois’

Sir Roland du Bois, Baronet, Popularity, Aries, Morally Neutral, Authoritarian

Deceased, Lady Elise du Bois (Nee du Beaumont), wife of Sir Roland

Master Piers du Bois, son and heir of the Baronet, Romance, Pisces

Miss Cateline du Bois, daughter of the Baronet, Family, Libra

Miss Liselle du Bois, sister of the Baronet, Knowledge, Virgo

Lady Lorraine du Bois, mother of the Baronet, Family, Gemini

Lady Adele du Beaumont, mother of the deceased wife of the Baronet, Romance, Aries

Merchant Family #2, __________

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