The Royal Castle at Ayre Island is currently inhabited by the Lord Stirwuard, and his daughter, Lady Eithne. It includes a Royal Dairy. The Castle lies on a fortified island in the bay, just beyond the village of Ayre.

The Woodcutter’s Forest is just beyond Ayre’s palisade outside the peasant’s hovels. It is mainly visited by foragers and woodcutters.

The Tower sits on cliffs just outside of the village of Ayre. The old (and partially ruined) castle is now used to detain prisoners. Follow this link to take a virtual tour of the Tower.

Gateway Park is the greenway in the Merchant quarter of the village of Ayre, and a source of water during seige.

Overlooking the sea on windy bluffs outside the village, The Henge is one of the sacred places of the followers of the goddess, primarily used at solstices.

The Glen is just up the river Ayre from the village, and it falls with in the domain of the Vale. It is a sacred gathering place of the followers of the goddess.

The Glen on a foggy spring morning

The King’s Forest is located beyond the Monk’s Inn crossroads in the Vale. Only those given privileges by the crown may hunt there.

The nuns of the order of Saint Lorien are charged with the keeping and study of ancient sacred texts and relics. For a tour of the cloister and the priory church, follow this link.

Places of Interest in the Vale

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