The Men-at-Arms

Henri was a noble in a far off land before the ravages of war destroyed his family’s holdings. He seeks truth and yet is also a man of action. A well studied man, he has been appointed Captain of the Guard by the Squire, Lady Jane Chevalier

Brice, a soldier of fortune, is thinking of serving in Ayre after returning from a crusade. 
Oakes, a kind-hearted man from the barbaric lands beyond the reach of the Allfather, loves befriending others. He especially loves the peacetime life of soldier with its camaraderie, and helping others
Rob is a happy-go-lucky fellow for whom female companionship seems easy to find.
Alistair’s somber personality belies a kind spirit and hopes to find a family one day.
Cadby also seeks to start a family, but tends to look on the bright side and have a cheerful disposition. He would like to marry and settle down to the peaceful life near the sea, perhaps fishing or basket-weaving.
James is finding returning home from battle to be another struggle rather than a relief.  His family perished while he was gone.  He hopes to find a new one.  He promised Giles Porter’s father to watch over his son, but Giles has asked him to return to the barracks instead of living with him and running the Hefty Hedgehog. He has fallen in love with a widow, Daralis Gothard, and would like to marry her. He is currently the Captain’s private guard.

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  1. Thanks, Hollywood! I’m not planning to play their household either, but the challenge allows the player to add marriageable sims to the neighborhood. My neighborhood has many more women and girls than men or boys, so I chose to add a household of men as a barracks. The challenge also allows the player to install burglar alarms once you get to a certain point and have a barracks, and I have not installed the burglar alarms yet since the treasury balance isn’t high enough. Thanks for commenting!


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