Year One, Autumn: The Faber Family

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(Left to Right) Lubbert Faber, Toymaker, and his children, Karin, and Justis
The Fabers’ home and workshop, in the Merchants’ Quarter, in Ayre, in Year One, Autumn

If truth be told, Lubbert Faber didn’t like Sundays, because it was a day wasted, without the ability to earn any money. But as an appropriate member of society, he dutifully took his children to the Squire’s chapel every week. At least it was an opportunity to build relationships that could benefit his business.

On the first Sunday in Autumn, Lubbert saw Anais Honeycutt standing outside the chapel and hurried in. He knew Anais would take every opportunity to become friends so that her husband could ask Lubbert to consider their daughter as a wife. They were only one class below Lubbert’s, and no doubt, their daughter would be an obedient wife; since she was his daughter’s friend he had witnessed her character first hand. But if Lubbert married again it would be for monetary gain. He would not entertain the idea of marrying a poor Yeoman’s daughter.

Karin listened as Anais enthusiastically gave her news of her friend, Destiny, who was quarantined at home. Although she loved her best friend, it was always stressful for Karin when she was out in public or interacting with all but her closest friends and family. And Karin was aware that Destiny’s mother’s main concern was finding a match for her daughter. This conversation was really a result of Anais striving for that match to be made with Karin’s father as the groom.

Justis, who was normally socially confident, was also feeling a little awkward as he talked with Edwuard Stirwuard, the future liege of Ayre.

But Edwuard put him at ease as they chatted.

After a while, Piers du Bois joined Edwuard for a game of ball and Justis excused himself to go inside. Piers was staying with Edwuard’s family in Ayre as part of his education, although he would one day inherit the Baronetcy of the Vale. Two future liege lords were one too many for Justis.

As services ended, a light rain fell, and sun still shone. It felt more like a summer’s day, than Autumn.

Back at home, with the long Sunday afternoon stretching before them. Lubbert was not in a good mood. He wanted to earn money, and work on his craft. In a tense atmosphere, the family ate leftover porridge.

Karin and Justis, who normally got along well, argued when he asked her to play chess, and she said she was going to write during her free time this afternoon. Justis said he could play chess by himself, then.

The next day was a regular work day, and the family went to open the shop bright and early. Karin arrived first, since she liked to restock, clean and dust before anyone else was in the shop.

Once they opened the doors to the public, the shop was bustling all day. Lubbert pressed hard for young Haylan Wise to buy one of the hand crafted dragons, but he resisted.

Lubbert was happy to see his distant cousin, Gareth Thayer, who he hoped would eventually agree to marry Karin. He greeted Gareth and sold him another kite for Bran and Arwen, at a very nice discount.

Lubbert noticed that Gareth was distracted from his toy shopping by the sight of Karin, who was helping restock items. He was pleased.

Karin saw Gareth looking at her and began to fervently scribble on her parchment, feeling quite self-conscious. Karin hoped Gareth couldn’t read her mind. Lately, although she wouldn’t admit it to her father, she had been daydreaming about her first kiss, and getting engaged. And now, the person she daydreamed about was standing only feet away.

That evening after closing shop, the family went to the market to supply themselves with food for the larder. After making their purchases, Lubbert caught up the Merchants’ Guild news while Justis and Karin fed the geese, chatted, and played.

As they were leaving, Lubbert noticed that Stroganov had Lord Stirwuard against the wall, pressing him with a hard sell. The tables were turned, as it was the King’s Steward who often put Ayre’s citizens under duress when needed, to collect taxes or keep the King’s peace.

Throughout Autumn, the family worked hard, crafting in the workshop at home. Tinny little tapping sounds filled the shop long into the night, with a whirring from Karin’s wheel and the sound of needle flashing through fabric. Six days a week, from 9:00 AM till after dark, they worked the shop.

Lubbert thought often about marriage arrangements for Karin. She was such a peculiar child, and not suited to working in the shop. She hid outside as often as she could get away with, disliking crowds. He noticed she loved sewing quietly in solitude or with those she loved, or reading, and writing. He knew that she was keenly interested in having a family of her own, and he was certain that his cousin, the tailor, would be happy with her, and make her happy. This would free him to concentrate on an advantageous marriage for Justis, someone who would be more suited to helping them in the shop, and increasing their profit margin. So he resolved to settle the matter of her marriage as soon as he could, and invited Gareth and his children for dinner.

Lubbert greeted Gareth one rainy Autumn day at dusk. Although they saw many things differently, they were both men of the merchants’ guild, and they found plenty in common.

Justis quickly ran to greet Arwen and, ignoring Bran, chatted vivaciously with her for a length of time until called in to dinner.

After dinner, Gareth and Karin sat in front of a cheery fire, while Justis made himself unobtrusive at the chess table. They chatted about their shared interest in sewing, and then Karin felt braver. They began to talk about the novels they were reading. Karin even told Gareth about her writing, and whether she could tell it or not, he was captivated.

After the Thayers had crossed the lane to their home, Lubbert called Karin to come speak with him before she retired. He told her he would like to start formal betrothal negotiations on her behalf, with Gareth, and it was clear that she was not only willing, but happy for that to take place.

Gameplay Notes:

The Fabers had some growing pains with the Toy Shop, going from a Rank 4 business, to Rank 6! I had them concentrate on earning customer stars instead of profits, so even with the $2000 perk they were $300 short in the end for their tithes, taxes, and rent, but they sold the extra toy making bench at the store and the woodcarving bench at home to make the payment. Lubbert got his gold toy making and sales badges, Justis his silver toymaking badge, and a silver restocking badge. They’ll need to make enough profit next round for all their obligations, which will may be tough. Up till now they have been living on the original money they start the game with, as merchants. I will have to shift focus to earning money in winter, instead of gaining stars.

Karin, who has the loner trait, really couldn’t help at the store because her mood around sims she doesn’t know well completely plummets into the red. After the second day of the round, Lubbert and Justis ran the store and she worked on her creativity and sewing at home. She earned her silver sewing badge making teddy bears to be sold in the shop. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to see much of her friend Destiny Honeycutt, since Destiny’s health doesn’t allow her to leave the lot right now.

The match I was imagining between Karin and Gareth Thayer seems to be a go! Lubbert wanted to be BFFs with Gareth, so he invited him over a few times and they are best friends, so only 3 negotiations are required (instead of 5/6). According to the Warwickshire playstyle/challenge, these are the conditions for the negotiations

  1. Met – Be of the same class and station
  2. Met – Financial Worth – Karin’s dowry of $2000 is about 2% of his net worth including the shop.
  3. Met – Neither family has royal disgrace or public humiliation, and I am confident, although I don’t track it carefully, they have similar royal and clerical favor.

Karin will be an adult on the first day of spring. We’ll be playing the Thayer household after the Chevalier’s, so we can see if we can proceed with the engagement and/or marriage during winter. Karin likes Gareth and is attracted to him. They are very compatible (knowledge-family), and both enjoy sewing and reading. The only possible hitch is whether Gareth will want to marry, since he is a radical, and knowledge sims don’t always roll marriage wants. I will not necessarily wait for him to roll a want, since all the other factors fit so well, and I peeked at his panel, and he is attracted to Karin and likes her a lot. Karin has been having engagement thoughts, adoption thoughts, and first kiss thoughts and wants a lot. They are both radicals so I think the wedding will be held at the Thayer home instead of in a church.

Town of Ayre, Year One, Autumn. Treasury now holds $87,652 after the Faber Household’s payments.

MCC progress: As of the end of the Faber household, we have $87,652 in the Treasury and are allowed to build two colleges and a museum. So after building the colleges and museum, the only remaining requirements to finish the Medieval Charter Challenge and become a Charter City will be $12,448 to reach $100,000 in the treasury, and building the cathedral and the docks. As a Charter City, citizen will have less taxes, a Lord Mayor and law courts ; peasants living within the city and self-supporting for a year and a day become freemen and may enter the Yeomanry; and we will crown a monarch.

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