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Ayre Year 1 – 

Ayre Year 2

Ayre Year 3

Ayre Year 4

The links above are for my accounting of Ayre and are view only. Download version is below the description.

Here’s a spreadsheet that will automatically calculate your Steward’s balance, as well as the Taxes, Tithes, Rent, Fees, and Fines of your medieval neighborhood households.  I am so grateful for all the great medieval custom content, but I don’t make items for the game, so I thought this would be a way that I can contribute to the community.

Here’s the Steward’s Ledger.  It automatically brings the Amount Due over from the individual family workbook tab.  Right now, only Rents are showing in the Amount Due, because those are the only fixed expense.  When you use Christianlov’s Wallet Controller to pay the Steward, you can manually enter the actual amount paid in the Amount Paid column.  Then the spreadsheet automatically tallies the running balance for the treasury.

Here’s a sample Peasant Household workbook page.  All the player has to enter is the Household’s daily income, and Fees and Fines incurred.  The workbook does the rest of the calculation and the Household’s total amount owed shows up automatically on the Steward’s Ledger workbook page.

I think this will make tracking finances while playing the MCC easier.

Download Excel Version (.xlsx) from Sims File Share.

It also uploads into Google Sheets and still maintained it’s functionality for me, which would be helpful if you want to share with simmers who follow your challenge.  If you share with your followers, I would set sharing to view only so that no one accidentally changes your data.

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