Year One, Summer: The Weekly Market

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Ayre, early in Year One Summer, on a foggy morning after rains.

To find space for the weekly market, foundling home, blacksmith, merchant, and mid-summer faire grounds, I had to move the fence line back. With the patronage of Lord Alban Stirwuard solidified through Lady Jane Chevalier’s oath of fealty, Ayre also has a new town gate with guard tower.

Right now, the area around the market is quite bare, but soon the Merchant’s home will be just beyond it, between the last two stands and the fields. There is room for another merchant’s home, eventually, between it and Giles Porter’s home, if the fields are cleared. (See the picture below). The clear area beyond the benches will be the midsummer faire grounds, and I like the way the market and midsummer faire ground will be more like one large area, after the faire ground is built.

Everyone seems enthusiastic about the growth of trade in Ayre, and the dark rain clouds don’t dampen the spirits.

  • I playtested the market with Eithne and Alban Stirwuard, and am glad I did. The first cash register replacement I tried wasn’t working.
  • Once the merchant comes (I am so excited about rolling for this family, after we reach $15,000!), he or she can buy the market and sell everyone’s goods there. For now, the available goods are meat, grains, spices, vegetables, (groceries) and clothing.

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  1. Ha, play testing is something I could bother trying every now and then! I’ve had some cash register issues, as well as deco issues with restaurant tables. 🙂

    The market looks awesome! You work so fast and yet everything always looks so perfect and like there’s a purpose for everything. ❤


  2. Aww, thank you, Carla! I love to build and I guess the bit of difficulty starting with an empty lot is mitigated by having a sense of the community, story, and sims. Building for with my specific sims in mind is usually not too daunting, plus I’d been thinking about the market and collecting the CC needed for a while.

    I remember the deco issues you had – was it the lights in the middle of the tables at the nice restaurant? With this being a challenge, play-testing saves a lot of setbacks later. I wouldn’t want my sims using their limited time or energy going to the market and not have a successful trip. Plus, it’s so much fun to play it a bit and see if it works out like I hoped in the scope of the rest of the town.

    I appreciate your comments so much, whether it’s something that didn’t come across clearly in the story or compliments!


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