Simdale Valley: Sims 2 Version

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Aerial View from Lake Simdale, in the south, circa 604.   Port Prominence Bay is to the north.
The commercial area of Simdale Valley, aerial view from the south, circa 604.
 The residential and farming areas of Simdale Valley, seen from the south, circa 605.
Simdale Valley as seen from Mount Garrison
 Aerial view of town square from the northeast, circa 604. (1 of 2)


 Aerial view of Simdale town square from the north east, circa 604. (2 of 2)


Older Pictures & Street Name Map


 Map view of Simdale Valley, c. 600 (before the school and ferry port were built)
 Looking westward across the square, c. 600





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  1. Thanks! I used the Google+ Vintage "Charlie" setting to get the deeply saturated coloring for the new pictures and it really fits to me, the idea of an idyllic, quaint place in a valley. Thanks for reading!


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