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  1. I love this town! The map looks great – I've tried so many times to draw a map of my hood but ultimately fail each time I try. The descriptions look great too! I can't wait to see what happens in this hood.


  2. I'd like to get the different areas to better scale eventually, but thought I'd post this for now. As a kid I loved to sketch out real life areas and make believe areas on maps…re-living that a little I suppose.


  3. I just checked your time progression post, I used to have a similar spreadsheet when I played sims2 😀 my friends and boyfriend used to laugh at me for doing that 😛 glad I’m not the only one 😀


  4. and also I love rotations, that is how I prefer to play, I always get bored with one single family or somehow fail to “immerse in their stories” (if that makes any sense :D) I would like to start reading more about Simdale, can you point me where to start :D?


  5. Hi Velikosmijanje! Keeping track of that kind of detail makes it fun, and its fun to find other people who get that. I don’t have a complete table of contents from the beginning right now for Simdale Valley since I switched over to WordPress from Blogger about a year ago, and the neighborhood is still in transition from Sims 2, and I’m not using the same round system anymore.

    If you just want to read the most recent posts, there is a table of contents of sorts, for them, here:

    The beginning of individual storylines:

    The oldest blog update I have for Simdale Valley is from December 602 and it is on this WordPress blog, here– . Following the links I made at the top of each of the posts will carry you through Chelsea’s stories.

    Here’s Seiki Ono’s first update:

    And the first with his whole family:

    Here’s the first of Julia Jones: (One of my favorites)

    Laney & Declan McElveen’s thread starts here:

    And her sister-in-law’s Simone’s thread starts here:

    Sandy Bruty’s story starts here:

    I hope you find some fun, and if you don’t please don’t feel obligated to read 🙂


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