Table of Contents

Take Me to the Moon (Tesla Family Story)

Founding Generation
Chapter 1.1 The Beginning
Chapter 1.2  Barnaby’s Birth
Chapter 1.3  Beatrice, The Early Years
Chapter 1.4  Beatrice & Barnaby
Chapter 1.5  And So it Begins
Chapter 1.6  Takin’ Care of Business

Generation 2 (Adulthood)
Chapter 2.1   Emergence of the Hulk
Chapter 2.2   Beatrice’s Wedding
Chapter 2.3   The Cassandra Complex
Chapter 2.4   Changing of the Guard
Chapter 2.5   Barnaby’s Wedding
Chapter 2.6   Baby Boom
Chapter 2.7   A Little Bit of Each Other

Generation 3 (Adulthood)
Chapter 3.1   A New Era of Green
Chapter 3.2   Cassandra’s Wedding
Chapter 3.3   Taming of the Snob
Chapter 3.4   Cassandra Saves the Legacy
Chapter 3.5   A New Normal
Chapter 3.6   One Piece at a Time
Chapter 3.7   Earhart Realized

Generation 4 
Chapter 4.0     Wild Blue Yonder
Chapter 4.05   Never Too Late
Chapter 4.1     Old Wounds
Chapter 4.2     Come Whatever (Friends Forever)
Chapter 4.3    The Clock Keeps Ticking
Chapter 4.4    Come and Get Your Love
Chapter 4.5    So Many Questions, Such Scant Reality
Chapter 4.6    Old Soul
Chapter 4.7    The More Things Change
Chapter 4.8    Living with Legends
Chapter 4.9    Please Stand By
Chapter 4.10  Once More Unto the Breach
Chapter 4.11  Mortimer’s Wake
Chapter 4.12  I Only Meant to Stay a While
Chapter 4.13  Mean Girls
Chapter 4.14  Growing Pains

Chapter 4.15  A Regular Day

Chapter 4.16 Least Expected

Chapter 4.17  Aspirations


Generation 5

Chapter 5.0  Millimeter at a Time

Chapter 5.1  True Grit

Chapter 5.2  Masterpiece

Chapter 5.3  Deep Water

Chapter 5.4 Taste of Summer

Chapter 5.5  Ewan Tesla-Goth Gallery & Studio

Chapter 5.6  Keeping Up with the Triplets

Chapter 5.7  Wedding Season:  Tesla-Goth & Patel

Chapter 5.8  Happy Birthday, Delaney!

Chapter 5.9  From the Journal of Elise Tesla: Embarking

Chapter 5.10  Honeymoon

Chapter 5.11  Weddings & Engagements:  Tesla-Walker

Chapter 5.12  From the Journal of Elise Tesla:  Days 4-5

Chapter 5.13  Socialite’s Disappearance Dredges up Old Mystery

Chapter 5.14  Elation and Sorrow

Chapter 5.15 Life Goes On, Part I

Chapter 5.16 Life Goes On, Part II

Chapter 5.17  Life Goes On, Part III

Chapter 5.18 An Epic Space-Time Thingy Kind of Party

Chapter 5.19 Makin’ Mischief

Chapter 5.20 The Epic Party is Crashed

Chapter 5.21  The Sunset of What We Are

Chapter 5.22  Fond Farewell to Granite Falls

Chapter 5.23  Sixty Chapters Into A Legacy Story:  Make the Most of the Days

Chapter 5.24 Summer Camp, Ahoy!

Chapter 5.25 What’s It Like to Be Old, Grandma?

Chapter 5.26 His Essence Flooded the Sky

Chapter 5.27 Happy Haunting

Chapter 5.28  A Bitter Root

Chapter 5.28b  Meeting Ashlee

Chapter 5.29 Hollow Victory

Chapter 5.30 Mischief Managed

Chapter 5.31 The Big Talk

Chapter 5.32 Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Chapter 5.33 From the Journal of Elise Tesla: Cool Science

Chapter 5.34 What’s a Fearghus?

Chapter 5.35 Nothing But Trouble

Chapter 5.36 The Comfort of the Closet

Chapter 5.37 Playing Hooky

Generation 6

Chapter 6.0  The Island and the Crypt

Chapter 6.1  The Gang’s All Here

Chapter 6.2  The Copernican Revelation

Chapter 6.3  Myrtle & Roses

Chapter 6.4  The Well-Worn Path

Chapter 6.5  Legit, Legal, & In Love

Chapter 6.6 Don’t Break My Heart

Chapter 6.7 Two Big Softies

Chapter 6.8 Swan Song

Chapter 6.9 Just Us Now

Chapter 6.10  Hit Me with a Clue By Four

Chapter 6.11  She Called Me Nooboo

Chapter 6.12  Cherry Blossoms, Diamonds, & A Little Fox

Chapter 6.13 Standard Etiquette

Chapter 6.14 A Note Unsaid

Chapter 6.15 Let Life Be Like Music

Chapter 6.16 Death is for the Living Too

Chapter 6.17 Sea Monster Smiles

Chapter 6.18 Gene Pool Party

Chapter 6.19 The Dreaded Itchy Plumbbob

Chapter 6.20  Secure Your Belongings

Chapter 6.21 Tiresome Little Critters

Chapter 6.22 Civil Confrontation

Chapter 6.23 All the Ones we Love

Chapter 6.24 What Does the Fox Say

Chapter 6.25 Remembering Elise

Chapter 6.26 Obituaries

Chapter 6.27 Special Edition:  Take Me to the Moon Redux

Chapter 6.28 When Llamas Coddle

Chapter 6.29 Curry & Lanterns

Generation 7

Chapter 7.0  Grayson the Genius

Chapter 7.1 False Confidence

Chapter 7.2  Confidence Man

Chapter 7.3  Stealth Sabotage

Chapter 7.4  Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Chapter 7.5 The Von Haunt Heist

Chapter 7.6  The Butler

Chapter 7.7 Shameless

Chapter 7.8 Forgotten Hollow

Chapter 7.9 Reality Check

Chapter 7.10 Absinthe

Chapter 7.11 Fear

Chapter 7.12 My Mortal Soul

Chapter 7.13 Charmed

Chapter 7.14 Sanctuary

Chapter 7.15 My Treasure

Chapter 7.16 Talk about Princesses

Chapter 7.17 Thick as Thieves

Chapter 7.18 Old & Creaky

Chapter 7.19 Much to Learn

Chapter 7.20 Hedy’s Birthday

Chapter 7.21  All Hell

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