If you stumble across the Tesla’s family story after it’s already underway, this summary  will catch you up to generation four, without reading all the backposts.

 Thank you to Echo Weaver, author of Sample a Brave Legacy, for the idea of a summary so far.

Genre:   Legacy-Style Family Story


Take Me to the Moon

The Tesla Family Story

Maddi Tesla, a cheerful goofball who loves the outdoors, was the founder of the Take Me to the Moon legacy.  Her aspiration was the Soulmate aspiration, so she also had the alluring trait.
She eventually found, and married, Micah Salazar, a music-loving, lazy guy who wants to be an author, but has no writing skill.  They quickly became soul-mates, and although Micah never accomplished even writing one book, they were very happy together.
Micah and Maddi had two children, Barnaby, and Beatrice.  Beatrice, the heir, had the evil trait, and early on she recruited her brother to be her minion. She terrorized her parents and brother constantly.
Barnaby was an outgoing, self-assured, insane sim who wanted to be a bodybuilder.
Beatrice married her high school boyfriend, Brad Pitt, as soon as she became a young adult.  Brad was an active, materialistic snob, but otherwise a very nice person.  He wanted to become fabulously wealthy,and he got a job in the Tech Guru career.
Beatrice’s aspiration was to be a master mixologist, and mixing drinks gave her a ridiculous amount of glee, especially when she was pregnant.
Beatrice and Brad had two daughters, Cassandra, and Cacey,  Cassandra, an evil snob who loved the outdoors and gardening, married Cedric L.A. Sims.  Cedric was a sweet person who was family oriented, romantic, and wanted to succeed in business.
Cacey, the younger of the two sisters, was a hot-headed foodie interested in dating lots of people.  She became a secret agent as soon as she graduated high school.
Cassandra, the heir, aspired to be a freelance botanist.  She and Cedric weren’t married long before he talked her into trying for a baby in the observatory, and they had Delaney.  However, their marriage was difficult for Cedric since Cassandra was often mean, or completely absorbed in gardening.
Delaney was very close to her dad and her grandparents, Beatrice and Brad.  Her granddad, who had a lot of respect for Maddi,  often took Delaney out to the observatory to look at the stars, and talked to her about being a space ranger.
They helped her collect elements for her collection, and she often used her chemistry set.
However, before Delaney started school, most of her family died in an accident (read: I lost my game files and had to recreate the family from the gallery; I didn’t feel like cheating back everyone’s skills and aspirations, and relationships, so I had Delaney go live with Aunt Cacey in Oasis Springs.)
Delaney and Cacey had a few rough years as they grieved and Cacey adjusted to having parenthood thrust onto her
One bright spot for Delaney was becoming best friends with Ryleigh Arias, who lived across the street.
Not long after that, Delaney became friends with Alexander Goth, as well.  The were both bookworms, and Alexander would become a geek and family-oriented.
Meanwhile, Bella and Cacey became best friends as well, and Bella helped raised money for Delaney to enter a rocket competition.  Delaney had been identified for the gifted program at school.
On the day of Delaney’s rocket launch, right before graduation from high school, Delaney and Alexander finally revealed their feelings for each other.

Delaney launched her rocket, Earhart, and safely returned to earth 90 minutes later.

When she graduated high school, Delaney got a great job at the space agency.
 After Delaney graduated, Cacey got married to a guy she’d started dating when Delaney was in middle school, Gavin.
Delaney and Alexander took a trip to Granite Falls, where they got engaged.
And not long after, Delaney and Alexander married in Willow Creek First Church
Her bridesmaids were Alexander’s sister, and her friend, Ryleigh
The morning of Delaney’s wedding, Cacey found out she was pregnant.
After Delaney’s wedding, Ryleigh also got married, and moved in right across the street from Delaney.
When Cacey’s triplets were old enough, (oh yes, Cacey had triplets!) Delaney and Alexander took their little cousins camping.
That brings us up to 4.4, Come & Get Your Love
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! You really put your all into your Sims and all things related. I love the entire site! This place is amazing – and I’m nominating you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Why? Your site and all the work you’ve put into it say enough! Amazing!!


    1. Sylianna, thanks so much! I didn’t log on yesterday so I just saw your kind comment. Thank you so much! It is nice to see you’re back to blogging and I’ve noticed you are writing a lot, but like I was just commenting on a post, I am swamped at work right now and falling behind on reading blogs. It was really kind of you to leave such an encouraging comment and thanks for the nomination!


      1. Thank you, Shannon! It’s good to be back. I really missed blogging and the friends I made here. Although I’m always behind on reading things….lol And you deserve the comment and the nomination! 🙂 Expect me to poke around your place, too! I’ll catch up…somehow! lol


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