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boolprop 300 pxIf you are reading this, chances are, you know more about Boolprop than I do– it’s on my to do list to join.  But I have heard from Simmers I trust that it is a great forum to get to know other simmers and chat about any of the Sims games.  It is a classic!



Carl’s Sims 4 Guide & Community

Carls Banner 300 pxCarl and Pam have compiled accurate and complete Sims 4 gameplay and strategy guides, including a fabulous cheats page.  In addition, they host a  great forum for Sims 3 and Sims 4.  Carl’s is my #1 go-to place for Sims gameplay information.


n99 300 pxN99 has been around since the early days of Sims 1, and players of Sims 1 and 2 will be very happy to find that those forums are still very active at N99; there are also active Sims 3 and Sims 4 forums. N99 forums can not be topped for informative posts, including technical information about creating and managing custom content, mods, and general maintenance of Sims games.   N99 members are some of the most amazing simmers I have met, between their creativity, knowledge base, and general great people skills.



The Simscraper 

Simscraper 300 pxThe Simscraper is a new blog that aims to provide gameplay and strategy guides.  The first few posts, Doctor Career Guide and Criminal Career Guide, both have helpful hints and details that I wouldn’t have guessed about how to succeed in these careers, and rewards for doing so.   Bookmark this site, because it is going to be a great resource!


The Sims Daily

sims daily 300 pxThe simmers over at The Sims Daily forum really know how to enjoy themselves.   The banter and camraderie is always fun; sometimes hilarious.   There are forum areas for everyone, from Sims 1 to Sims Medieval, to Sim City,  to Sims 4 players.    You can post creations, stories, and just chat about the game you are playing.   The Sims Daily regularly runs just-for-fun Sims 3 and Sims 4 gameplay and building contests, so drop by, register, and try one out!


Sims VIP

Sims VIP 300 pxEverybody probably already knows about Sims VIP, but if you haven’t heard, it is a great site to follow for breaking Sims 4 news, Game Content,  and Sims 3 and Sims game guides.  Did you know that you can download free Store content and all the Sims 2 patches from Sims VIP?  The Community Spotlights are fun, inspiring, and a great way to find fellow Simmers.



Sims VIP Build Guide by Ruthless_KK

sims vip build guide 300 pxThe Sims VIP Build Guide by Ruthless_KK is the best single resource for learning to use Sims 4 Build Mode.    Builders who are completely new to Sims 4, and builders who have been building since the game released, will find helpful information in Ruthless_KK’s guide.



Sims Stories Lists

I re-found these gems that I had read years ago, thanks to CathyTea’s anthology.

Epemeral Toast prelude

The Uglacy by Candi

Other Sims 2 Stories including EphemeralToast







Twisted Mexi’s Sims 4 Cheat Resource

Twisted Mexis 300 pxTwisted Mexi’s cheats go beyond the Official EA cheats designed for player use.



The Sims Forum –  Complete List of Sims 4 Content

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