Year One, Autumn: Random Occurrence Scenarios

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Daralis and James are in love and finally have permission to be married under the Handfasting Tree the first day of Autumn. But plague is going to come to the household and she will not live to see winter.

Year One, Autumn ROS’s

  1. Sim 41 – Destiny Honeycutt – Disease/Illness. Plague. Destiny must be isolated in her bedroom with free will off for 2 days. Use the Sim Blender to infect her. I am wondering if the sickness is going to spread a lot.
  2. Sim 35 – Daralis GothardDeathStarvation. I will probably have her have plague instead. It is hard to imagine why she would starve in Autumn with the story as it is, plus, other sims have rolled for plague.
  3. Sim 32 – Rhett Forester – Disease – Insanity. For four days, must stay at the Almshouse or Monastery and attain Lifelong Happiness and Anger Management. An even number was rolled so Rhett gets to “return home,” although, actually, this just delays his eventual move somewhere else, since his wife just divorced him.
  4. Sim 8 – Esmerelda Berry – Miscellaneous – Inner Peace. Esmerelda must move to the convent for d6 days (four days) and spend 6 consecutive hours in prayer daily. She will receive (d100 (91) x 10) 910 Aspiration Points and return home.
  5. Sim 63 – Millicent Wise – Crown reclaims land. Family gets 24 hours to move to a new lot they can afford. Take any objects in inventory. I have not decided what to do with this one since Millicent is the almshouse keeper and I really don’t want to rebuild the almshouse. I think it would go along with the spirit of it to have Millicent displaced and find another Almshouse keeper. Lady Joslyn was originally going to keep the almshouse but once I moved Millicent there, I didn’t really see a need.
  6. Sim 9 – Harold Berry – Disease/Illness – Plague. Harold must be isolated in his bedroom with free will off for 2 days. Use the Sim Blender to infect him.
  7. Sim 12 – Zelda Berry – Disaster – Terrible Tempest. House is demolished. Move out immediately. Bulldoze the lot from neighborhood view. Rebuild (if family can afford it) or move to another house, if they can afford it). Save d6 items in inventory and Add d100 x 100 as a crown grant to rebuild. The family gets to save 4 items. They got 50 X 100 for the rebuild grant and their current family funds are: $8211.00, giving them a total of $13,211 to rebuild. After thinking about it, this one is kind of useful in the long run, although at first I was pretty disappointed to get it. As Ayre grows, the space where the Berry’s currently live would be better suited to a poulterer or other farmer, and the Berry’s would live just outside the wall, I think.
  8. Sim 53 – Arwen Thayer – Social Standing – Ruination. Arwen becomes pregnant out of wedlock. At first bump appearance, she is discovered. She must marry the baby’s father, or another male sim with whom she has the highest LT, and move in with her new husband, or move to the convent. Arwen will become a teen by the middle of the round. She does not have many relationships since she is a child and new to Ayre. I’m not going to fulfill this ROS until she is an older teen, not during this round.

Method – a little different this season. Last season I randomly rolled a family and then rolled a sim within it depending on the type of ROS (like adult or child, male or female, etc). This season I have 63 sims and I am rolling their ROS’s individually according to the number on the sim info spreadsheet. I have 16 playable households so I thought eight Random Occurrence Scenarios would be enough to make things interesting but not be an overwhelming number of random events.

  1. Roll a number between 1 and 100. If it is between 1 and 63, use it. If not, roll again. These numbers represent the 8 sims that will have an ROS. I wrote the sims’ number down next to the ROS number (before rolling for the ROS itself). I didn’t look up the sims until after rolling for the ROS’s. So I did not know who the sim was or what their ROS would be, when I wrote down their number. If I later realized the ROS couldn’t work for that sim, like with ROS # 8 which required a single female, for example, and I rolled a male, I re-rolled until an appropriate sim was rolled.
  2. Roll a D8. This gives me the broad category of ROS. I am using Vllygrl’s ROS for the Medieval Charter Challenge.
    1. Financial
    2. Family
    3. Social Standing
    4. Disease/Illness
    5. Disaster
    6. Death
    7. Miscellaneous
    8. Roll Again.
  3. Within each category I have noted on my ROS document the dice to roll such as D6 or D8. I roll it and then any subsequent dice for even/odd or amounts of time or money, if needed, to determine outcomes

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  1. That’s really sad for Daralis and James that they won’t get to enjoy their life together!

    Really interesting how you have the rolls for the ROS’s set up. Thanks for explaining it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so sad about it. I guess it’s the hard thing about a medieval game, is the early deaths and hard things that happen that can’t be avoided. The Gothards are my favorite family too. Thanks for commenting.


  2. That is truly awful about Daralis and James. They look so happy together. The ominous presence of impending ruin or death of people and families under these conditions is very clear when you describe the rules you follow.
    I really like the way you’re planning based on how the building affects the view. It’s hard to find a lot of ways to hide something as large as the barracks apart from trees. The views you have are lovely. The horizon works perfectly there, sort of increases the feeling of isolation from other towns or a city.


    1. Skyburned, thanks for commenting! There aren’t many sims I would have been more unhappy about this ROS than Daralis, especially because she and James are finally going to wed and they’ve been making out at get togethers autonomously since the first Berry’s threw a party (first household played the first season!). Well said about the ominous presence of impending ruin or death. Nothing is guaranteed. I just did all the health rolls (for the initial health roll) for all the sims except the one baby that had already been born, who got his at birth. Instead of rolling between 0 and 115, the full range, I only rolled from 40 to 115, from Fair to Excellent, because I figured that anyone who lived through the backstory plague and war had to be pretty strong. But looking at the list of sims who have fair health, it could be a limiter for a sim that otherwise had lots of promise. With fair health, they aren’t supposed to go to community lots, but they can do unlimited strenuous or easy work at home.

      There are a couple of areas in the neighborhood where I don’t like to show certain views. At some point when I was copying over terrain I messed up the woodcutter’s forest lot and now it has unsightly sheer cliffs all around it, so I try to work around that. And lots with a lot of nearby houses tend to have some pixelation. It’s probably the worst at the fair because of the barracks right across the street. I could put more trees in the invisible roadway, good idea!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww it’s sad about Daralis, poor James. Are you going to infect her with the plague? would he have a risk to catch it? Or are you just using the plague for story purposes? I hope the other plague patients will recover, and they won’t pass it on to their households.

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  4. I used the insimenator health adjuster to give her pneumonia and then the mortality adjuster to have her die of disease. It was really rough to carry out and that’s the reason I didn’t even download plague sores or a plague mask.

    As far as I know, anyone would have the risk of catching pneumonia from her, so I isolated her in her bedroom with free will off. James went in there once, but otherwise I kept everyone out. I was very worried about an epidemic developing!


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