Year One, Summer: The Stroganov Family

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Natalia Stroganov realized she was expecting her first child. She had no morning sickness and the baby had quickened as the weather warmed, just as her clothes had to be let out. As summer began, she felt that she spent all her time either eating or sleeping; she just couldn’t get enough of either. It gave her a lot of time to think. After the evening Gareth had flirted with her when he first moved to Ayre, Natalia thought on what had happened. She had no desire to see him, and she hoped no one would hear of it. The memory of Gareth’s attention was not unpleasant, but she certainly did not want anything to interfere with her family’s happiness.

If it weren’t for her mother, who cooked, cleaned, laundered, and reminded Leonid that she needed to rest, she would not be able to cope. But if Natalia tried to do more for very many days, labor contractions began.

Leonid carried and warmed water often so that Natalia could have long, warm baths, which helped relax and rest.

Otherwise, Leonid was gone most of the day, at the market, and about town. He oversaw the running of the market, the merchants’ guild, and as the head of the merchants’ guild, was even helping coordinate the mid-summer fair, as a service to the Squire and the community.

Leonid was a bit frustrated with young Giles Porter, whose attitude towards the fair was much too nonchalant. How did he expect everything to happen, without the merchants’ guild members arranging every detail?

The Squire understood the level of work that went into recruiting and hosting entertainers and merchants from afar. She worked closely with Leonid to make sure everything was happening as planned, as the summer progressed.

Natalia, who had been craving roast fowl, as well as company, was very excited that her mother had prepared a huge meal for the Squire’s visit one evening.

And the Squire seemed pleased with the meal, the hospitality, and Leonid’s planning.

Still, Leonid would often look out at the greenway, where some of the visiting merchants camped, worried that something would go wrong.

Tatiana, his mother-in-law, worried constantly about her daughter’s health, and her unborn grandchild’s well-being. Leonid wondered if she would feel better if she were to get out more, and socialize with the Squire’s mother or aunt.

As Autumn grew near, and with it, her confinement, Natalia was eager to see her baby. She wondered if this would be a girl, or a boy. Leonid had also been eager to start a family, but he had not anticipated the difficulty Natalia would have with carrying their child.

Gameplay Notes:

-It’s time for the Summer Recap and then, on to Autumn! My primary focus with this household was making sure Natalia did not miscarry. She conceived on the second day of the round. She and Leonid tried for baby autonomously and then I had them try one more time. I’m getting used to using the standard Sims 2 game aging, and I think it bothers me more with pregnancies than with all the age groups proceeding quickly. I might suspend them for a couple of days sometimes just so the sims don’t conceive and deliver in the same season! Anyway, she did not have any morning sickness but her motives were very difficult to manage and I was worried she would miscarry. Leonid and Tatiana carried water and Tatiana cooked and cleaned.

-Natalia’s memory of “cheating” (when Gareth flirted with her and she did not reject him) is green, but she did not roll any wants to see him. She and Leonid have good chemistry and lots of ACR interactions, but other than that, Leonid is quite focused on his career. I was so worried about Natalia I totally forgot to play the market, but there will be time for that in the future.

-Leonid got a couple of promotions so they easily made enough money (over $4000) to pay their taxes etc. The treasury is now at $54,230!

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  1. I struggle to keep some of my sims pregnant, I can imagine it’d be even harder in your hood with all the work required from them. Glad she didn’t miscarry, and that she seems happy with her husband. Although it is really interesting the cheating had a green background. I’m not sure I’ve noticed that before. I’ll have to look!

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    1. Hi Maisie! Yes it is hard to keep the sims in Ayre from miscarrying! I think some of the memories have green backgrounds, for happy, and red, for regret (at least that’s always how I’ve thought of it). Romance sims, for example, will often have a red background for engagement or a wedding. It’s weird that she had a green background for cheating, since she’s a family sim. It might be tied to whether they had a want or fear for the particular event, too. There’s a lot of cool complexity in the Sims 2 programming, in my opinion.

      Liked by 1 person

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