Year One, Summer: The McGobhan Family

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The new blacksmith’s heart-ache was felt by, it seemed, everyone in Ayre. His wife, Gretna, had been killed by enemy soldiers ransacking their village. All he had left was his trade and their beautiful daughter, Fiona. Soon after his arrival in Ayre, his fellow Yeomanry households visited him; Anais Honeycutt, first, and then Natalia Stroganov. Both were charmed by Fiona and both stayed and helped look after her for the better part of the day before saying farewell, feeling helpless to truly ease his pain.

Lady Rosalind came by soon after the family had settled in, and Brodie politely greeted her and invited her in.

Even though she missed her mother, Fiona never met a stranger and was rarely cranky. She could amuse herself but was also ready to meet someone new.

This was a great help to Brodie, who spent the time while neighbors helped with Fiona wisely, honing his craft.

Brodie’s thoughts often turned to his wife, Gretna. He missed her companionship and help, but that was nothing compared to imagining what her last moments may have been like. When he was alone, especially when he worked into the darkness of the evening, unspeakable pain seemed to burn its way into his heart and mind with more intensity.

Being able to go inside, to a warm meal, a cheerful, cared-for daughter, and another person, was comforting, and Brodie was glad for Marigold’s help. Marigold and Brodie were each content in silence or with a few basic exchanges of information about how Fiona was doing. Marigold, for her part, seemed to enjoy Brodie’s books, which she did not have access to at home. At home, Marigold tended to be the silly one, jumping on the furniture, or avoiding work, but here, Brodie depended on her.

The summer nights felt long, for in the darkness, Brodie was haunted by Gretna. Sometimes he dreamt she was there with him, and felt the heart-break again upon waking. Other times, he slept fitfully, as he relived her death, this time standing helplessly by.

At the very end of summertime, a young woman Brodie had never met before came by the shop, looking for Marigold. Her name was Hadley. Hadley had a kind face, and she reminded Brodie of a mischievous pixie, but also seemed wise beyond her years. Brodie was intrigued and drawn to her.

That evening, he joined Marigold and Hadley at supper, and found himself unable to tear his eyes away from her face.

Hadley seemed drawn to Brodie, as well. Marigold noticed that Hadley often looked at Brodie longer than necessary, and, knowing how pragmatic Hadley was, thought she must be quite taken with him.

Brodie found himself laughing whole-heartedly for the first time in months. Hadley made him want to joke, and play, and laugh.

After some time, Brodie realized how late it had become, the weariness of the day bearing down on his tired shoulders, and noticed neither Fiona, nor Marigold were there. He realized he had not even met Hadley’s parents, and it was probably not appropriate to be laughing and flirting with Hadley in his kitchen, with no one else around. Brodie told her he needed to say goodnight, and before he knew it, they were gazing into each other’s eyes, and he had gently kissed her forehead, and very slowly, let his arms fall from the back of her head.

Gameplay Notes:

Here is a picture of Gretna. She was by far the hardest of the Ayre random roll extra family members for me to kill off. (Mildred and Eva Wise’s husbands had to be killed off too, when I set their families up). Gretna was a family sim and with Fiona being so young, and she and Brodie being such a good match, it was terrible. The reason I created Gretna was that I wanted Fiona to have two biological parents , and yet their random roll was only for two family members, an adult male and a female toddler. She actually died by meteorite right after this picture was taken. Meteorite seems to me the least difficult of the options on the insimenator.

This update was a little hard to play for a few reasons. I was disappointed to roll a single parent with toddler combination, because it is so hard to play, and then, Brodie had no skills so all he could make were horseshoes, and it took him a day and a half or so just to gain enough mechanical skill to make them! He basically skilled, and slept, ate, and bathed. Fiona did learn to use the potty and to walk, with Marigold’s help. Initially I brought Marigold over to watch her, with the insimenator summoner, but even when she was selectable she couldn’t care for Fiona, so took a hint from Mortia’s blog and moved her in to the household for the update. That worked out well, and I moved her back home at the end.

She and Brodie had no attraction for each other at all, in fact, at least one of them had the little x’s when I had them scope the room. I expect Marigold’s marriage to be arranged fully during summer, and since I have decided for Cadby to be a basket weaver or fisher, they will marry in the spring so they can have the best start.

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  1. Oh, you can just tell Fiona is the apple of Brodie’s eye! It’s very touching how often he still thinks of Gretna as well. But it looks like things are developing very quickly with Hadley, so he may have some love in his life again soon.

    It is very soon after his wife’s death…but I’ll add that Lake and Kendal got together really quickly after his wife died too and they became a favourite couple of mine. It was all ACR-prompted, like so many of the great romances in Sullivan, lol!


    1. Yes it was wonderful watching Brodie with Fiona. And I was surprised how attracted he was to Hadley. Haven’t played the Gothards yet so I don’t know how she feels but she seemed to like him too. That’s cool about Lake and Kendall. I usually wait to see what happens with Acr as a good sign and I recently played an arranged marriage but relied on ACR during courting and after the marriage, as well as wants, to gauge how they felt about each other and let them develop the relationship at their own pace, even though it is arranged. Thanks for reading, Carla, hope you are well!


  2. I think it makes sense for Brodie to move on quickly, from what I’ve read of this time period, having a wife to care for young and the home was utmost importance. It was nice that Marigold was available to help him out in the meantime, I sort of expected them to fall in love, but seeing that they have an X, that isn’t happening without some coercion from you!

    Hopefully he can become better skilled, yikes! And his wife was very pretty and Fiona is a doll. You can see how much he cares for his late wife and daughter. I hope him and his future wife will be happy together, maybe Hadley will fit that role.


    1. Me too, I thought it was within the scope of realism for Brodie to move on quickly. It takes time in this challenge, especially for sims with responsibilities like Brodie’s, to develop their skills. I sometimes feel that it is unrealistic for them not to have skills as adults, but since it is a challenge I make them work through those early skill levels on their own, for the most part. For the beekeeper, I advanced him above the level where he would die from bee stings when trying to harvest a wild hive because I thought, if he had apprenticed with his dad he should have at least enough skill to stay alive. Thanks for reading & commenting; it is so much fun to hear your thoughts.


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