Sims of Ayre

Royal Steward (not randomly rolled)

Alban Stirwuard, Fortune, Scorpio

Eithne Stirwuard, Family,

Peasant Family #1, Foragers:  The Berrys  

Zelda, Fortune, Scorpio

Deirdre, Pleasure, Leo- died Summer, Year One

*Hilda, Knowledge, Taurus (Healer)

Alfred, Knowledge, Scorpio

Esmerelda, Popularity, Virgo

Cassie, Fortune, Taurus

Harold, Popularity, Libra

Mari, Knowledge, Virgo

Peasant Family #2, Goat herders:  The Gothards

Gabe, Fortune, Scorpio

Daralis, Knowledge, Virgo

Hayley, Fortune, Cancer

Bonnie, Sagitarius

Peasant Family #3, Hay Farmers:  The Wise Family

*Mildred,  Popularity, Pisces (midwife)

Millicent, Pleasure, Cancer (Manages Almshouse)

Ella, Romance, Cancer

Gertrude, Fortune, Leo

Marigold, Pleasure, Virgo

Haylan, Popularity, Virgo

Bentley, Popularity, Cancer

Peasant Family #4, the Woodcutters: The Foresters

Rhett, Romance, Aries

Eva, Adult, Fortune, Aquarius

Ralf, Family, Taurus

Lora, Romance, Libra

Gervase, Pleasure, Capricorn

Idonae, Knowledge, Scorpio

Yeoman Family #1,  Tavern Owner: Porter

Giles, Pleasure, Cancer

Yeoman Family #2, Beekeepers:  The Honeycutts

Rourke, Fortune, Cancer

Anais, Fortune, Virgo

Destiny, Knowledge, Cancer

Gentry Family #1, The Knights

Lady Elizabeth, Popularity, Pisces (will be Abbess)

Lady Joslyn, Knowledge, Libra 

Lady Jane, Knowledge, Capricorn SQUIRE

Lady Rosalind, Pleasure, Virgo

Extra Optional Households

Barracks (1 male Captain & 7 marriageable males)


Merchant Family #1, The Stroganovs

Leonid Stroganov, Fortune, Cancer

Natalia Stroganov, Family, Leo

Tatiana Stroganov, Family, Scorpio

Yeoman Family #3, Blacksmiths, The McGobhans

Brodie McGobhan, Knowledge, Virgo

Fiona McGobhan, Aquarius, Romance

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