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Falls Bridge

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October 2022

Micah Ross is 26 years old, and Janie Ross is 25.  Janie and Micah’s baby is due in December 2022 and Janie is in the third year of an Economics and Criminal Justice degree at Grand Pass College at Redmond.

Janie was making it through her classes and earning her credits, a day at a time.  The drive to Redmond was automatic now, and even the rainy, foggy day didn’t slow her down.

When she left, Micah was working in the greenhouse, staying out of the rain, and hoping he could put off the orchard work until it cleared up again.

Everything was going well with her pregnancy and Janie had been able to maintain her schedule, so far.  With less than three months to go, she wasn’t ready to relax yet, though.

The drive gave her time to think and try to absorb all the things she was learning and all the things she was feeling.

She was getting enough exercise; the doctor was happy with her weight gain and she got in several good walks a day.  Just the hike from the commuter lot to class was a pretty good walk all by itself.

Janie kind of watched the other students out of the corner of her eye sometimes, on the lookout for potential friends.  She hadn’t really seen any other students like her; most of them seemed younger, if not in age, in level of responsibility.  When she had worked with others in groups, they often wasted time she didn’t have.

She didn’t really have a lot of time for friendships, but if she ever saw anyone who looked like they might have something in common with her, she figured she’d ask if they wanted to study, or offer to buy them a coffee.

On the way home, she often stopped at the grocery store in Redmond.  By the time she got close to home, she was too tired to stop and figure out what they needed to round out dinner.

She was leaving the grocery store when she practically ran into Suzanne Preston.  Suzanne, Janie knew, was the long-term sub at the primary school in Falls Bridge.

“I didn’t realize you were going to school,” Janie said.

Suzanne explained that she was taking night classes, working on completing what she needed for her comprehensive certificate for primary education.  “We’ve probably been passing each other on the interstate for a month,” she laughed.

Janie and Suzanne chatted about their programs, and the drive, and adult education.  Suzanne was curious about Janie’s pregnancy, since she wasn’t at the point to give having babies serious thought, but definitely had a little bit of longing for that time to come.

On the drive home, Janie thought, Suzanne might be a good friend.  She’d have to ask her over for coffee.

  • Only one more update to go before Janie & Micah’s baby will be born!  Next up is Yuki’s family in Grand Pass.

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    1. Thanks, Cathytea! I love all of Criquette’s hood decor and used the interstate set when I made Redmond, where the college is. The different perspectives and viewpoints are something that I love about the Sims games – you can play for years and then notice something you haven’t, before. Thanks for commenting!


    1. The view outside your sims’ windows is something I’ve always really enjoyed about Barchester! It’s funny, too, that in real life I’m not interested in living in the rural countryside, being sort of a city girl. Which I guess is why it’s an escape for me to imagine the life in this small, rural town. Yes, I’m so excited about Janie and Micah’s baby! Their lives are about to change but Micah’s a family sim and Janie rolled the want while he was still obsessing over his perfect garden want.


  1. I really liked your travel shots this update! Very evocative of the kind of area Micah and Janie are living in.

    Also, I’m pleased to see Janie taking steps towards a friendship with Suzanne. It could be fantastic for both of them. 🙂


  2. I’m with everyone else, the travel shots were great! I enjoyed the moments of her driving and thinking, and forging new friendships. It really can be difficult to make friends as an adult. The majority of my friends are through activities with my kids, which she doesn’t have yet. Hopefully they can become friends, and eventually have babies together. 😉 I love the country scenes, but I’m not a small town girl. I love the dynamics and weird politics, but I’d rather hear my Mom and sisters’ stories than live it!


    1. Me too, I enjoy the idea of a rural life but don’t want it in real life! True, making friends is different as an adult and through kids is one of the easiest ways to develop friendships. Thanks for commenting Maisie!


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