Sims 2 World Building Credits & Resources

Complete How To for starting a new Sims 2 Ultimate Collection game in Windows 10 with a Nvidia graphics card, here.

Nimblr – a self-proclaimed and talented world builder. Arianstad and Arianby are both beautiful maps for Sims 2.

Open World Feel for Sims 2– (and cheats for userstartup) Tutorial by GreatCheeseCakePersona

Skyline for Sims 2 (from lot view) by GreatCheeseCakePersona, Seasons ready & 360 degrees!  Place the effects cube in the corner of the map in neighborhood view.

SkyFix allows you to see more objects in the sky and on the edge of the world from lot view.

Lowedeus’ Camera Mod

Hood Sky Downloads post by Lowedeus:  From the misc sort in Lot Mode place the globe and choose a cross or linear layer and a anim cloud layer.

SimNopke’s No Pause frame

Ja-Viera‘s No Plumbbobs


All her default replacements and fixes (Voeille, An Elegant Simblr)

Snow, Sand, and Rock by Voeille, An Elegant Simblr


by Voeille with explanation of how to place pool objects to make it show correctly from pond or not beach lots, here

UserStartUp Cheats:

boolprop dontMergeNHFlora false

uintProp LotSkirtSizeIncrease 120

Game Settings:

Turn off fade

Turn view distance to extra large

Mini Lots:

Sunnyside Community mini lots by Aelflaed

Sunnyside Residential mini lots by Aelflaed

Marylou’s Mini Community Lots (Lots of Lots)

Celebkiri’s How to Troubleshoot a Broken Game post

CC/Mods I want to try:

Romantic Standards by simler90

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