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Featuring a beautiful fully decorated Sims 2 neighborhood by Batanau,

Falls Bridge is home to a sprawling farming community and the town is located a few miles off the interstate on State Highway 76 (locals call it Falls Bridge Road).  Highway 76 is the main route from the interstate to the Three Lakes outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise.

The town’s farming profit is augmented by selling gas, trinkets, and freshly baked apple pie to tourists who stop on their way to Three Lakes to look at the white water tumbling from Lover’s Leap.

Hodson’s General Store is just past the bridge, and it is the last stop for gas before turning off to the National Park.

The oldest farm in the Falls Bridge area belongs to the Ross family, located off Highway 76 on Belle Falls Lane, southeast of the bridge.

Micah Ross and his wife, Janie, now run the farm, which specializes in various seasonal organic produce contracted for sale with regional whole foods shops.

The interstate divided Falls Bridge from Old Farm Road, where the most of the farmland lies.  Pinewood and Applewood Farms cover expanses of rich, rolling land in this area.

The Radcliff family has recently returned to their roots and bought the small property at 101 Old Farm Road.



This gorgeous Sims 2 decorated neighborhood was created by Batanau and downloaded from Mod the Sims, here. The only changes I made to the map were that I lowered the grid and surrounding area behind the main town grid near the bridge to suit my sense of realism.  Credits to Numenor and Criquette for neighorhood decorations are listed at Batanau’s post.


For this neighborhood, I started a new Sims 2 documents file, and am using clean templates.  Great Cheesecake Persona has a wonderful tutorial I found very helpful in setting up the neighborhood to get the open world feel with all the new custom content and mods that have recently been created for that purpose:  Great Cheesecake Persona’s mountains skyline, Voeille’s water and terrain fixes and replacements, Lowedeus’ Hood Sky downloads, and simNopke’s SkyFix.    Here’s my whole Sims 2 World Building Reference page of credits and links.

Note to my (appreciated!) readers:

With all the great new content for Sims 2, it is more appealing than ever and really, that’s just icing on the rich cake of Sims 2 gameplay depth and the ability to personalize a world.  The idea of starting a whole new Sims 2 place, independent of Simdale Valley, has been in my mind for a while now, and with the last two weeks of true summer vacation, I figured it’s now or next year to do some of the intensive set-up.

For any readers who are really involved in the Tesla’s legacy story, (given hiatuses, probably not many!) I feel a little like I am not upholding my end here, but in the end, this Simming and blogging is a hobby and I need to do what is refreshing and worth my time, to me. While I thoroughly enjoy Sims 4 build and CAS, Sims 4 continues to be a major frustration to play, for many reasons – and although I have specific plans for the next few posts and the future of the legacy, I am not sure when the next post will be published.    I deeply appreciate each reader and hope that no one will be truly disappointed at a further delay in the Sims 4 Tesla Family Legacy story.

Simdale Valley in Sims 4 has a less certain future.  At heart, I’m really quite lazy when it comes to bucking the system, and Sims 4 just doesn’t cooperate quite well enough for me to happily play a rotational ‘hood. Put that with the fact that I can’t customize anything in the world, and sims from Fort Strange show up constantly in Simdale Valley, and it’s just aggravating.  The sims look great, but they act out of character too often for me to ignore, and I’m not sure whether or not they would ever develop the history and depth I am seeking. Of course, starting a whole new world means that history and depth is even more delayed, but at least it is a potential outcome and I have learned a lot over the years about how to set up a ‘hood to avoid corruption, as well as game maintenance, and how I like to design a ‘hood.

Thanks, as always, to anyone who is still reading!




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