Port Prominence Area Information

Port Prominence is the main urban area of the Peninsula State, although the capital has been returned to its historic location at Old Town.

When they think of Port Prominence, most people picture the sweeping vista of the Port Prominence bay

View of Port Prominence Bay from Port Prominence

And they think of the nightlife and culture for which the area is famous

From left to right:
From left to right: Bel Arte Museum, Luxury Apartments, Cafe Vienna, The Towers at Bayfront, and The Cube (Nightclub)

Bayfront Area Gallery Credits:

Bel Arte Museum by Seance83

Modern Luxury Apartments by Luckyheather

Vienna Cafe (Windenburg Coffee) by Scheinheilig1603

Towers on the Bay by Johnathan2002Y

The Cube (Extended) by thesimified


The Uptown Area of Port Prominence is also quite upscale, although there are a few gems, tiny apartments to share, there, with expansive parks separating the old townhomes and block apartment buildings from the high rises of the city

From left to right, clockwise: Dunham's apartment, PSU girls' apartment, NYC Townhomes (unoccupied) and Uptown Starbucks
From left to right, clockwise: Dunham’s apartment, PSU girls’ apartment, NYC Townhomes (unoccupied) and Uptown Starbucks

Street Views of Uptown

Port Prominence Uptown Street View A 605 Port Prominence Uptown Street View B 605

Uptown Gallery Credits:

NY City Apt’s by Yarazen (No CC Version)

Starbucks Coffee & NIghtclub by cretinou

Olivia’s Townhome by ShannonSimsFan

PSU Girls’ Apartment originally Warehouse Loft by Anik431


Peninsula State University, PSU, is between Uptown and Midtown

From 12:00, Clockwise: PSU Sciences, PSU Dorm, PSU Library, and PSU Arts
From 12:00, Clockwise: PSU Sciences, PSU Dorm, PSU Library, and PSU Arts

PSU Gallery Credits:

PSU Sciences & Humanities: A Natural History Museum by slawfishnubu

PSU Dorm:  College Dorm House by sankakuma

PSU Library:  Newcrest Library by Krint

PSU School of Arts:  Art Museum by EpletVicter


Midtown is a bustling area of townhomes, restaurants, bars and shops.  The Midtown Spa and the Midtown Mall are popular places for Port Prominence citizens to spend free time.

Alexis Jones and Naomi Redbird live in midtown
Alexis Jones and Naomi Redbird live in midtown

Midtown Gallery Credits

Alexis Jones’ Townhome by

Naomi Redbird’s warehouse flat by

Le Mer Restoran & Bar by Simsinspring

Midtown Dayspa by Hikitasan (Liberty Pool & Gym)

Midtown Mall by stereolab01 (Willo Creek Mall)


The Three Rivers area of Port Prominence is a center for business.

Port Prominence Three Rivers Area 605
Lower left, Jones & Oppenmeyer Law Firm, & next door, is the P & G Corporate Headquarters
Port Prominence Three Rivers Street View 605
Street View of Three Rivers

Three Rivers’ Gallery Credits:

Jones & Openmeyer, Originally built as Ryunoten Attorneys at Law by Issabella14

P & G Corporate Headquarters, built as Office Building by Jordan_Aslett

Tall Apartment Block is  called Community Apartment Leer by Daniel_SimFansDE

Smaller Apartment Block is Comfy Condo by pickledcow

Vegan Restaurant by Heanixx


Port Prominence sprawls out into the suburbs.  Abbey Lane used to be a farm but was sold to developers and now features lower cost housing than inside the city limits.

Port Prominence Suburbs fall 605
From 12:00, going clockwise: Walter Bishop’s house, Finley Abbey’s house, Micheal Schaffer’s house, Astrid Farnsworth’s house, and Sandy Bruty’s house


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