Sims 4: Game Modifications

Links (except Miscellaneous Mods) updated 12/15/2016.    


MC Command Center & MC Woohoo by Deaderpool

  • pause on active labor (keeps active sims from delivering babies while I am playing another lot)
  • NEW-  Set pregnancy length! AND now, set age span duration for each life stage!
  • customizable culling settings
  • customizable population settings
  • MC Woohoo (at Sexy Sims) has autonomous woohoo & try for baby, and  set your risky woohoo percentage.  You can also set try for baby success rate.  The game has it at 80%, which I think is ridiculously high.
  • mark any sim to never be culled as well as other options
  • set your own rate of relationship and romance decay
  • customize career story progression (I don’t allow active sims to be placed in a career by the game)
  • and tons more features!

Moxiemason’s No Mosaic — updated on 1/16/17 for toddlers.

No ZZZ by Krys29

No Sparkle Effect during Play Interaction by jmemO

NoBlu Lighting mod by LumiaLoverSims, here.

Dani Paradise’s Autumn in the Sims 4 and First Snow by Sim Cookie.  Martine has made a fix for First Snow, too, here.

Backdrop Alteration: Bakie’s City Skyline Backdrop Remover for Newcrest & Willow Creek

Create a Sim

Current default replacement eyes by Alf-si

LumiaLoverSims most recent overlay skin mashup.  Also his updated, detailed  body hair.  Alternative female default replacement by cmar

Necrodog’s feet

Non-barbie body parts by cmar

CAS Lighting Overhaul, White CAS, and NoGlo from LumiaLoverSims (with other creators), here.

Most CAS CC is listed under individual sims’ profiles who use it.  I love S-Club’s eyes, and nondefault ones I am currently using include:  #15, and #24. S-Club’s chocolate skin tones are a huge improvement over the greyish dark skin tones in the game.

Previously used default replacement eyes:  Most sims had these default replacement eyes by S-Club (there are a few eyecolors not overridden).

Previous replacement eyes by Alf-si

Miscellaneous Modifications  (Simdale Valley only)

 Stop Random Flirting: As of July 2017- MC Command Center has incorporated this feature originally designed by Aariancya to add parameters (the vanilla game only dictates that a sim in a flirty mood can flirt with anyone of their gender preference regardless of their relationship status etc)

I am using Martine’s Little Lamb Baby default replacement.

Pillow Talk after Woohoo by Shimrod101

Yoga and sauna unlocked for pregnant sims by Sabine

Sit on Stairs, another great mod from LumiaLoverSims

Couch Together by artrui

Orange Mittens’ Exam Bed unlocked for residential use

Unlocked GTW patient oufits by kirkwoodproductions

Outdoor Retreat insect spawners unlocked by Menaceman44

Mods I will probably try, look like great improvements to the game:

New Go to School Mod by Zerbu

Coolspear1’s Doctor’s Career Reimagined looks like it addresses a lot of aggravations and poorly functioning aspects of the vanilla programming.  After Fearghus’ glitchy and annoying experience in the doctor career, I am considering trying this mod in Simdale Valley.

Coolspear1’s All Outdoor Retreat wild insects unlocked to place on lots is made to be able to pick and choose insects for different lots.  Looks appealing and a sensible addition to the game.

Coolspear1’s Motive Manager Machines and Real Snowfall.  I am not particularly interested in adding a Kraken at the moment, but snowfall (simulated!) is something that would be a great addition to the game.

Functional Medication by KittySims4

Plasma Wine for Vampires (because slurping from a med pack looks silly)

And I altered my Default.ini file to get rid of plumbbobs and club markers.  Instructions on how to remove plumbobs and club markers from Sims 4, here.

CC Resources

My Pinterest 

Super Huge Organized CC List by Type (Just for Reference) by Lana CC Finds

Traits (for future reference)



Take Me to the Moon is currently set on Regular Life Span with standard EA settings, with aging on for everyone.  In the past, I have had it on Long Life Span, but I’m hoping to finish it one day!

Simdale Valley is currently set on Long Life Span with aging on for everyone.  That way, everyone ages up consistently, together.  I use the following set-up to customize how sims age in Simdale Valley:

My modification of Increased Age Lengths by Dark Gaia, thanks to Laura at Postcards from Sierra Nova.  I tweaked a few of the age lengths differently from how Laura did.

My Aging System

I used to use Laura’s version of Tanja1986’s Longer/Shorter Pregnancy Length , for 90 day pregnancies, but now Deaderpool has added customizable pregnancy length to MC Command Center.

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